Dacon and Bake’n Joy Foods Create New Production Facility

NORTH ANDOVER, MA – Dacon completed the design and construction of a 47,000 SF facility for Bake’n Joy Food in North Andover.  This project entailed the renovation and expansion of an existing 1970’s industrial facility.  Operational efficiency, high performance processes, product innovation and safety fueled the design mindset while customizing an environment to accommodate offices, employee support areas, shipping/receiving docks, a cooler corridor, manufacturing, baking, engineering and conference rooms. 

The US bakery products market remains driven by convenience and accessibility, projected to grow 4.8% annually through 2025 [1].  The American lifestyle, reflected in the growth of out-of-home consumption of instant and high-quality products, continues to fuel revenue increases.  Amongst product lines, muffins maintain rapid growth as a popular breakfast and snack food, contributing $812M to the sector, of which 81% of sales consist of convenient 4-pack clamshells[2].  Few consider the baking industry’s economic weight, yet within America the wholesale baking sector imparts a distinct influence, generating 764,000 jobs and $154.2 billion in revenue[3].  Between Covid-related labor shortages, transportation, raw material price increases and short supply of critical sub-ingredients, the baking industry faces unprecedented challenges in 2022.

Abraham Ogan, the founder of Bake’n Joy, began the firm amidst war-time practicalities of WWII when corner bakeries were a newcomer to America’s convenience landscape.  Operating as the A.E. Ogan Baking Company, he began by selling bread and donut mixes using 1 blender.  An attuned strategist sensitive towards consumer needs, he expanded product lines into mixes / bases for muffins and Danishes while increasing distribution through supermarket and foodservice channels.  Now celebrating its 81st year, Bake’n Joy Foods supplies frozen ready-to-bake batters, baked items and dry mixes to wholesale bakeries, healthcare, academic, convenience, hospitality, restaurant and retail clients.  Bake’n Joy products enable stronger inventory, less waste, consistent quality and lower ingredient costs.  Led by the 3rd and 4th generations, the portfolio spans predeposited frozen muffin and loaf cake batters, scoop batters, coffee cakes, as well as their original dry mixes for donuts, muffins, cakes, fruit squares, cookies, scones and traditional yeast breads.  The portfolio consists of 10 brand lines – Kitchen Cupboard, Panfree, Ultra Moist Baking Products, Bake’n Joy Originals, Country Muffin & Cake, Homestyle, Boston Coffee Cake, Freedom Gluten Free, YPL and L&M Bakery acquired in 2021.  In reflecting on this growth trajectory, Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO reflects “Bake’n Joy’s new production space is fueled by entrepreneurship. Their heritage of ingenuity from WWII through today is seen in their ability to respond to consumer needs.”

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