Schwebel's Facility In Cuyahoga Falls Expected To Close

The Schwebel Baking Co. announced on Wednesday, Nov. 6, that the planned installation of a new bread production line in its Solon facility will lead to the eventual shutdown of its Cuyahoga Falls building at 1950 Newberry St., most likely some time next year.

The company, in a press release, stated it had purchased a new bread production line for installation in its Solon bakery facility.

“As part of ongoing efforts to modernize facilities, equipment and work practices to remain competitive, the installation of this bread line will meet current volume levels and reduce overhead costs,” the company press release said. “When the new line is installed and is running in Solon, which is 22 miles away from Schwebel’s Cuyahoga Falls bakery, this will lead to the eventual shutdown of the substantially under-utilized, multi-story Cuyahoga Falls bakery.”

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