Sigep 2022, The Italian Dessert and Coffee Ambassador Returns In January

Rimini (Italy) – A more decisive international overtone, recognition of a typically Italian product, a trade show that is already a brand and that represents the quintessential marketplace for the entire industry. Sigep will be back in January 2022. And it will be back in its physical form as the Italian dessert and coffee ambassador in the large and welcoming facilities at the Rimini Expo Centre in Italy. Artisan gelato and pastry, chocolate, coffee and bakery, icons of the Italian way of life in food, will be physically meeting again in IEG – Italian Exhibition Group’s Rimini halls from 22nd to 26th January next. 

«We perceived the stakeholders and regular exhibitors’ utmost desire for a physical return to Sigep,» says IEG President, Lorenzo Cagnoni. «An attachment that has supported us in organizing and sharing the 2022 edition.  An event that we have all been looking forward to for two years.»

«Our work on the patrimony that this brand represents for Italian companies has never ceased,» adds Corrado Peraboni, CEO of IEG. «Immediately after last March’s fully digital Sigep Exp, we drew up our business road map for the entire sector. We even fixed the calendar dates for future editions, from here until 2025, including AB Tech Expo 2023: a message to the dessert and coffee foodservice market, which is showing signs of lively exuberance on an international scale.» 

On display, numerous new product ideas that the public will be able to see as they wander among the stands at Rimini Expo Centre. Moreover, traders attending Sigep 2022 will find updated and specific attention to ingredients, outdoor seating area furnishings, eco-sustainable packaging, digital services, logistics and the cold chain. 

The Arenas for the individual gelato, pastry, coffee and bakery supply chains have also been confirmed. 

Furthermore, Sigep 22 will be presenting sector trends with an international approach: new consumer needs, innovations, technologies and market strategies in different parts of the world will be the focus of animated talks in the Vision Plaza, in collaboration with international research companies, associations and media partners

The Show also foresees a three-day “Digital Agenda” (in this case from 26th to 28th January) specifically for exhibitor and buyer matching on the digital platform.

And, in anticipation of January 2022, Sigep is offering, from September to December, “Thematic Days”, digital events for professionals only that will trace the road map towards its physically-attended edition.

The 2022 edition will see a complete offer of all the supply chains for a qualified professional public and will be supported by all the industry’s institutional and association stakeholders, such as ITA – Italian Trade Agency, Acomag, UIF – Gruppo Ingredienti Gelato (Union Italian Food – Gelato Ingredients Group),  Federazione Italiana Gelatieri (Italian Gelato-makers’ Federation), Associazione Italiana Gelatieri (Italian Gelato-makers’ Association),  ARTGLACE, Gelato e Cultura, Maestri Gelateria Italiana (Italian Gelato Masters), CNA Alimentare, FIPE – Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi (Italian Federation of Public Establishments), Confartigianato Imprese, Ucimac, SCA – Specialty Coffee Association, IILA – Istituto Italo Latino Americano (Latin American Institute), Consorzio di Tutela del Caffè Espresso Italiano Tradizione (Consortium for the Protection of the Italian Espresso Coffee Tradition), IIAC – Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (International Coffee Tasters’ Institute), Cast Alimenti, Relais Desserts, Accademia dei Maestri Pasticcieri (Academy of Master Pastry Chefs), Conpait, Accademia Maestri del Lievito Madre e Panettone (Academy of Mother Yeast and Panettone Masters), International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, Consorzio Sipan, Richemont Club, Italmopa, AIBI – ASSITOL, Federazione Italiana Panificatori (Italian Bakers’ Federation), Assipan. 


Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), listed on the MTA (screen-based stock exchange) organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has built up over the years, through its Rimini and Vicenza venues, a position of domestic leadership in the organisation of trade fairs and conferences, and has developed its foreign activities – also through joint ventures with global or local organisers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, India – which have positioned it among the leading European operators in the sector.

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