Union Pivot Away From Bimbo, Unveil Artesano as Secondary Kit Sponsor

Photo Credit: Major League Soccer

Last night at the Philadelphia 76ers game, four Philadelphia Union players rocked a brand new secondary kit with a new sponsor plastered across the front. In partnership with Bimbo Bakeries USA that runs through 2023, the club announced a first of its kind dual sponsorship for their primary and secondary kits.

It’s no secret the Bimbo sponsorship causes angst among some factions of the Union fanbase. But now, a new secondary kit with a different sponsor will feature a Bimbo-less kit for the first time in years.

Last December, the club officially announced its renewed partnership with Bimbo Bakeries USA. In that press release, hints of a new secondary kit with a different brand logo would be coming. That secondary kit logo reads ‘Artesano,’ the brand name for Artesano Bakery Breads. A key part of the renewed deal was an option to have two branding options; a clear sign the franchise noted fan complaints regarding the Bimbo logo.

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