Oyster Season Looking Grim for Maryland’s Eastern Shore Watermen

October 23, 2020 Taylor Lumpkin, WMDT

As Maryland’s oyster season begins – a lot of watermen here on the eastern shore say they fear this year won’t be as profitable as years before.

Virtual Cooking Program to Give Houston Students a Taste of Sustainable Gulf Seafood

October 23, 2020 Environmental Defense Fund

Renowned chefs went back to school today — with the help of a Texas fisher and farmer — to showcase the importance of sustainable Gulf seafood to students and their families as part of Environmental Defense Fund’s “Everyone’s Gulf”program.

BluGlacier To Launch Its First-Ever Premium Chilean Salmon Home Delivery Service: OSHĒN

October 23, 2020 BluGlacier

MIAMI — BluGlacier, one of Chile’s largest salmon importers to the U.S., announces plans to transcend the distributor model by debuting its first ever direct-to-consumer brand: OSHĒN. Scheduled to launch on November 1st, OSHĒN will offer a convenient delivery service bringing

A Revolutionary Way to Preserve Meat: IXON Food Technology Develops Innovative Energy-Efficient Method to Safely Keep Meat Fresh For Up to Two Years

October 23, 2020 IXON Food Technology

Created by innovative food scientists seeking to transform the future of the food industry, IXON Food Technology announced today a novel eco-friendly and energy-efficient food preservation method that can keep meat fresh and juicy for up to two years without refrigeration or the use of preservatives.

The Beef Checkoff: Beef Demand is a Well-Primed Pump

There seems to be a rash of articles and news pieces in ag media lately, focused on beef demand and its driving power and importance in everything from cattle prices to grocery store sales. The writers and experts all agree on this: the process of generating beef demand is like a well-primed pump. It provides the beef industry with the means to push our great product into the hands of hungry consumers the world over.