Unlocking Bakery Brilliance: The Essential Equipment for Quality Bread Baking

Artisan bread baking is a labor of love, a masterpiece of flavor, texture, and aroma. Crafting the perfect loaves requires not only skill and technique but probably more importantly, it requires the right equipment. From mixing to shaping to baking, each step in the artisan bread-making process demands precision, consistency and accuracy. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential equipment your bakery needs to create the best artisan bread and become an artisan bread juggernaut.

Mixing Equipment:

The first process of the dough process is a crucial one. Your bread is only as good as the dough you are able to develop. Having a spiral dough mixer is recommended for getting the best possible bread dough. The spiral arm of the mixer and the rotation of the bowl perfectly knead and fold the dough allowing optimal ingredient blending and dough development. Properly developed dough leads to a perfect final product. Be sure to get a mixer that can handle the amount of dough your business will produce so you can keep up with production demand. Empire offers spiral mixers in a variety of sizes for bakeries small and large.

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