Young Adults Need More Whole Grains

National survey data indicate few adolescents or young adults consume whole
grains in the amount recommended to prevent chronic disease and maintain a
healthful weight.

Pittsburgh Favorite Jenny Lee Bakery Back In Business

The Baker family’s new company, 5 Generation Bakers Inc., will turn out the specialty breads that were best-sellers when Jenny Lee Bakery had its own string of shops and supplied supermarkets in the Pittsburgh region.

New Line Reduces Chemical Dough Conditioner Use

February 3, 2010 Watson, Inc.

Watson Inc. has introduced Soft n Mighty, a line of combination natural dough conditioners and crumb softeners for baked foods that they expect should supplement, reduce or eliminate chemical dough conditioners.

EarthGrains Brand’s “Plot To Save The Earth”

February 2, 2010 EarthGrains Bread

EarthGrains Bread is the first brand to offer Eco-Grain wheat grown in partnership with Horizon Milling using innovative farming practices that promote sustainable land use.

Bill Kristol & Eugene Robinson to Headline ABA PAC Dinner

In recent years the PAC Dinner has become the premiere event of the ABA Convention. This year hopes to continue that success with keynote speakers Bill Kristol & Eugene Robinson.