New Enzyme From Novozymes Enables Softer Premium Bread

Danish enzyme specialist Novozymes is introducing Novamyl Pro, an enzyme that global launch manager Thomas Nilsson says enables the best of the best in premium bread-making, where it really matters to bakeries.

IDDBA’s New Value Shopper Finds Store Brands Are Growing Fast

Research by the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and published in “The New Value Shopper” found that consumers are moving broadly towards store brands and it is unclear if they will return to national brands once the economy recovers.

Sara Lee Closing Greenville, SC Bread-Making Factory

Citing the loss of a major customer, Sara Lee announced it is closing its massive Greenville County bread-making factory, resulting in teh loss of approximately 200 jobs.

AIB To Hold Hamburger Bun Production Seminar

November 23, 2009 AIB International, Inc.

Seminar attendees will receive specific information about ingredients and processes used to make quality hamburger buns. Participants will split their time between instructor-led classes and hands-on labs that encourage interaction between instructors and seminar participants.Participants will also learn about the latest in bun production equipment from a major equipment supplier

AIB To Hold Sustainability Essentials: Principles & Practice Seminar

November 23, 2009 AIB International, Inc.

Seminar attendees are expected to benefit by learning how companies maximize energy
management, water control, production and maintenance costs, recycling and
measuring sustainability progress. These objectives are met with feasible,
logical, real world solutions.