2010 WF&FSA Management Institute Scholarships Available

Two scholarships valued at over $700 are available to the 2010 WF&FSA Management Institute being held this upcoming February 25-27 and applications are being accepted until January 1, 2010.

Holiday Distinction

Special touches take these eight seasonal arrangements to a higher level with minimal labor.

New Flower Import Operation To Get Underway Friday At MidAmerica

A three month hiatus will end this Friday as flower shipments from Colombia resume at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport. The “reboot” reaffirms the goal of shaving days from the time needed to haul flowers into the Midwest by bypassing Miami.

Why Valentine’s Day Is A Recession Proof Floral Holiday

The WF&FSA is sponsoring an Open Talk conference call featuring speakers Drs. Tom & Tim Prince, of Prince & Prince, Inc. who will discuss why Valentine’s Day is a “recession-proof” floral holiday and more opportunities for sales growth.

Floral Industry Ready To Put Automation In Place

November 16, 2009 Amanda Ryder, Canadian Florist

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN, pronounced gee-tin) for boxes and the Universal Product Code (UPC) for bunches and bouquets, are now available. The entire floral industry needs to get on board with this quickly, said Jim Wanko, executive vice president of the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association.