The Beef Checkoff Spotlights Retailers

September 16, 2010 The Beef Checkoff

In the monthly e-newsletter Retail Beef Blast, we often highlight a retailer who has made a special effort to keep the focus on beef in the meat case.

White House Appoints United Food & Commercial Workers’ Union Pres. Joe Hansen To Trade Representative’s Advisory Committee For Trade Policy

September 16, 2010 UFCW

Joe Hansen, President of the 1.3 million member United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) has been appointed to the United States Trade Representatives Advisory Committee for Trade Policy.

Most Stolen Products: Meat

September 16, 2010 Justin Rohrlich, Minyanville

Meat used to be lower down on the most-stolen list, with over-the-counter medications containing pseudoephedrine (one of the crucial ingredients in crystal meth production) in its place. But after law enforcement cracked down in 2005 on meth-making and laws were passed requiring stores to move those medicines off shelves accessible to shoppers, meat moved up in some rankings, nearing the top spot.

USDA Announces Bonus Purchase Of Chicken Dark Meat Items

September 16, 2010 USDA

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA will purchase up to $30 million of chicken dark meat items for federal food nutrition assistance programs.

Eating Meat Doesn’t Necessarily Heat Up The Climate

September 15, 2010 Chuck Wooster, The Times Argus

The ethical debates between vegetarians and meat-eaters arent likely to be resolved anytime soon. But theres a new twist to the vegetarian argument that bears examination: the suggestion that eating meat contributes to global warming.