Make A Flavorful Impression With New Mccormick Recipe Inspirations

March 17, 2010 McCormick

Even the most seasoned cooks appreciate a
little inspiration from time to time, especially during busy weeknights. Thats
why the flavor experts at McCormick are introducing new Recipe Inspirations to
make it fun and easy to try new recipes that are sure to impress everyone at the
dinner tableespecially you.

Michigan ‘Meatout Day’ Leaves Bad Taste

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm proclaimed Saturday a meatless day, and the
Michigan Farm Bureau is having a cow saying Granholm’s proclamation oversteps bounds.

Tips For Building A Better Meatball At Home

Ask the experts how to build a better meatball, and the answers generally are
a pretty underwhelming, “It depends.”

Cooks Find More Uses For ‘The Other White Meat’

In recent years, pork has gained increasing popularity for family
dinners, buffets and even for special occasions.

Breakfast Of Champions: Sausage Balls?

It was the Tennessee Pride jamskies that got me thinking “breakfast meat taste test!” at my local supermarket the other day, primarily as an excuse to buy them. So my cart filled with sausage products, my kitchen filled with spitting grease, and now I’m filled with pork.