Whole Foods Feasts On Profits With Help From Meat Evolution

February 17, 2010 Sarah Gilbert, Daily Finance

Whole Foods’ concept of spending a little more for quality is changing consumers’ attitudes toward food, especially at the meat counter.

Perdue Is First And Only Chicken Company To Receive USDA Process Verified Seal

February 17, 2010 Perdue Farms Incorporated

Perdue Farms Incorporated announced today that it is
introducing PERDUE fresh, all natural chicken products with the premier
third-party stamp of approval, the USDA Process Verified Seal, in North

Once Considered Spare Parts, Soul Food Ingredients Now Are Delicacies

Heitzman’s market also is the place to go for traditional soul food meats, and the bulk of the case is devoted to exotica such as oxtails, turkey necks, fresh rabbit, hog maws (stomach), pork neck bones, kidneys, feet, ears, tails and snouts.

Meatcutter Cuts Through The Bull With Butcher Book

February 17, 2010 Lee O'Hara

Are there 7 bones in a 7 Bone Roast? Why is this expensive steak tough? This roast is dark, is it safe to cook it? Home cooks and chefs are fascinated with the answers to those and many more questions in the newly released book, “Beef Secrets straight from the Butcher.”

How To Bring Home A Quarter Beef

You’re going to need a freezer. An 8-cubic-foot chest freezer should fit a quarter of beef (about 100 pounds), with plenty of room left over for your Ben and Jerry’s.