Luxury Brands Try To Reinvent Themselves

Luxury brands are trying to reinvent themselves as the American consumer mindset was reshaped by the recession.

Wendy’s Introduces Salads With ‘Real’ Ingredients

Wendy’s is tailoring its sales pitch to focus on “real” ingredients.

Consumers Flock To Megastores

As Target and Wal-Mart have opened megastores, consumers have followed.

Jewel-Osco To Thin Out Selection In Some Stores

A Jewel-Osco store in Bolingbrook, IL, will have 15 to 25 percent fewer products than other stores, and the company says it will prune inventory in other locations.

Packaging Reduction Can Be More Harmful Than Good

July 9, 2010 Environmental Leader

A report from the Global Packaging Project says companies reducing the amount of packaging they use can do more environmental harm than good.