Sustainable Purchasing Standards Implemented

February 16, 2010 Compass Group USA

Compass Group USA, Foodbuy LLC and Contessa Premium Foods announce the first successful implementation by a major food service company of sustainable purchasing standards for imported farm-raised shrimp.

More Aid Needed For Sustainable Seafood

February 16, 2010 United Press International

Global food security could be enhanced if developed nations increased aid for sustainable seafood production in developing nations, U.S. scientists said.

Washington Halibut Quotas Down 15 Percent

February 10, 2010 Mark Yuasa, Seattle Times

There is a 15 percent reduction in the halibut quota from last year, and the lower figure is due to an overall stock biomass decrease.

Alaska Head Start Recognizes Peter Pan, Fisherman

Alaska Head Start is taking its hat off to Peter Pan Seafoods and Bristol Bay fishermen this week at a special ceremony.

Ban On Bluefin Tuna Exports Sought

The dispute over tuna pits most northern European countries against Japan and several Mediterranean fishing nations.