Oil Spill Takes Toll On New Orleans Seafood

Restaurants in New Orleans have begun substituting ingredients and raising prices as they wait to see how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill affects seafood supplies.

North Jersey Seeing Boost In Shellfish Prices

Seafood restaurants and distributors across Northern New Jersey are seeing 20 percent to 30 percent increases in the price of oysters and shrimp.

Gulf Shrimpers Fear Oil Spill Will Put Them Out Of Business

The Gulf oil spill is proving even more worrisome to shrimpers, processers and restaurants as they face what could be a years long, if not permanent, loss of market share.

Gulf Pinches Maryland Seafood Industry

The massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is beginning to be felt in Maryland.

Louisiana Eateries Fear Oil Will Scare Seafood Lovers

Louisiana restaurants are bracing for a backlash from consumers afraid to eat local seafood amid the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.