Cargill Welcomes Smart Balance HeartRight Milk Made With CoroWise Plant Sterols

MINNEAPOLIS – Consumers across America can now enjoy the heart-health benefits of Cargill’s CoroWise® plant sterols whenever they reach for an ice-cold glass of rich and creamy Smart Balance® Heart Right® Fat Free Milk.

“We are very pleased with this collaboration between two trusted brands known for supporting heart health,” said Pam Stauffer, global marketing programs manager, Cargill Health & Nutrition. “The incorporation of CoroWise® plant sterols into the Smart Balance® family of products, which has a significant retail presence, is yet another way that Cargill is collaborating with its partners to make a diet that supports heart health both easy and appetizing.”

Smart Balance® HeartRight® Fat Free Milk supplies 0.4g of CoroWise® plant sterols per serving, 25 percent more calcium and protein than whole milk, and also contains DHA/EPA omega-3 fatty acids and added vitamin D.

Foods containing plant sterols may be eligible for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized health claim. Backed by significant scientific agreement that plant sterols help lower cholesterol and may reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed as part of a heart-healthy diet, plant sterol-containing products are capturing the attention of an increasing number of healthcare professionals who are promoting their use to patients and clients. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that participants who received advice on the use of a dietary portfolio of cholesterol-lowering foods, including plant sterols, showed a greater reduction in LDL-cholesterol after a six-month follow-up than those who received advice on following a low saturated fat diet without the additional cholesterol-lowering components.

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Source: Cargill