Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative Highlighted At Dairy Forum 2019

The Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative, a multi-year effort to communicate the benefits of milk and whey proteins to consumers was featured at this week’s IDFA Dairy Forum 

“We are enthused about the interest and queries we’ve received from various stakeholders in our dairy-centric industry during IDFA’s Dairy Forum this past week related to the Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative,”said Blake Anderson, President and CEO of American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI).

During the opening session of the Dairy Forum in Orlando, Michael Dykes, President and CEO of IDFA acknowledged the DPMI and how IDFA is proud to be working with ADPI on this critically important, and much needed activity. Further into the Forum, during the lunch session on Monday, Cary Frye, SVP-Regulatory Affairs for IDFA also acknowledged the DPMI and its importance to our industry and them played for the some 750+ audience the concept video- Dairy Protein-[The Strong Inside] developed by ADPI’s agency for same, Padilla|FoodMinds, which generated great interest.

The Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative is a pre-competitive, pan- industry campaign intended to communicate the positive attributes of dairy derived proteins and ingredients in a proactive and positive way and to provide consumers the facts documented by research and science upon which to base their “protein of choice” decisions related to their health and well- being. Too often today, consumers are either confused or in some cases mislead by marketing campaigns that claim, suggest or imply that “all proteins are created equal”. This is simply not true, commented Blake Anderson. He went on to say that “The DPMI will provide fact-based information related to dairy ingredients and dairy derived proteins and will dispel myths, fallacies, and alternate facts that are being professed by some, not all, marketers of alternate/plant based proteins. The DPMI will not malign agriculture, nor alternative/plant based proteins in its messaging.

ADPI through its member staffed Managing Task Force is working closely with Padilla |Food Minds to develop, test, validate and then implement the fact based messaging in a positive and engaging way to consumers and influencers through various means with heavy emphasis via social media and other creative approaches.

Support of and for the DPMI is open to all stakeholders of the Dairy Industry. 

Please contact Veronique Lagrange, head of the DPMI Managing Task Force:vlagrange@adpi.org to learn more about the Initiative and how you can join and support.