Franklin Foods Launches Industry's First Greek Cream Cheese

DELRAY BEACH, FL — Franklin Foods, the fastest growing cream cheese producer in the world, announced today the launch of the industry's first Greek Cream Cheese. Made with a combination of premium cream cheese and Greek Yogurt, Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese is produced with farm fresh milk and cream in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and satisfies consumer demand for foods that provide just the right balance of good nutrition and great taste. Greek Cream Cheese delivers twice the protein and fifty percent less fat than regular cream cheese, and contains live and active cultures. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese will be available this fall at over 2000 retailers in the Northeast, Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions with expanded distribution planned in 2013.

Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese offers nutritional balance and great taste. As more consumers have discovered the health benefits and delicious taste of Greek Yogurt, Franklin Foods has taken this to the cream cheese market. Greek Cream Cheese is a rich, full-flavored decadent cream cheese and can be used in place of traditional cream cheese. A perfect choice for the upcoming busy holiday baking season, Franklin Foods' Greek Cream Cheese 8oz. Bar is ideal for baking and cooking and can be used in any recipe calling for cream cheese. Franklin Foods' Greek Cream Cheese is also available in convenient 8oz. and 12oz. soft tubs, and 8oz. whipped tubs. Franklin Foods' patented formulation allows for easy spreading on bagels, crackers, fruits and vegetables for quick and easy spreading.

"Our experience and passion is crafting great cream cheese and we want to share this with people that desire delicious foods. We want people to join us and usher in a whole new era of cream cheese that better matches the way we all strive to eat and maintain healthier eating goals," said Rocco Cardinale, Director of Marketing.

Today's cream cheese category is limited in both selection and brands. The goal of Franklin Foods' patent-approved formula is to raise the bar in the retail cream cheese category with enhanced cream cheese products — enhanced with better flavor, functionality and nutrition.

"Virtually every category in the supermarket has evolved to include products with better-for-you nutritional benefits. Whether it's snacks, yogurt, or bread they have added nutritional benefits to their products and have been successful. Yet, cream cheese remains steadfast in offering regular, Neufchatel and fat-free products. Simple, traditional cream cheese isn't offering consumers the benefits they are seeking. Greek Cream Cheese is the product that delivers and will be the catalyst to get the category growing again," said Jon Gutknecht, CEO.

Available in four sizes: 8oz. Bar for baking and cooking, 8oz. Soft, 12oz. Soft, and 8oz. Whipped for spreading. Located in the dairy case cream cheese section. SRP: $2.29 – $3.29. For more information visit .

About Franklin Foods

Franklin Foods is located in Delray Beach, FL with its primary manufacturing facility in Enosburg Falls, Vermont. Franklin Foods began producing cheese in 1899 using fresh milk and cream from nearby farms. Today, the Franklin Foods tradition of excellent quality, delicious taste and dairy innovation continues. Franklin Foods is the fastest growing cream cheese producer in the world and is on a mission to Re-Invent Cream Cheese(TM) for today's consumer. Franklin Foods' award-winning products are distributed to industrial, institutional, foodservice, private label, supermarket and club store accounts across the United States and in select international markets. For more information, visit

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