Horizon Organic Launches First Organic Milk With DHA Omega-3 Single Serve Milk Boxes

ROOMFIELD, Colo. — Horizon Organic®, a leading national organic dairy brand, today announced the launch of Horizon Organic Milk with 32 mg DHA Omega-3 Single Serve Milk Boxes. These new milk boxes provide consumers with all of the same nutritious benefits of organic DHA omega-3 milk, but in a single serving milk box that is shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t require refrigeration. They are the first on-the-go milk product enhanced with 32 mg DHA omega-3 to come to market.

DHA omega-3 is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that has been studied for its role in supporting healthy brain development. Each serving of Horizon Organic Milk with DHA omega-3 provides 32 mg of DHA. Most children currently don’t get the suggested intake of DHA omega-3, making these new milk boxes from Horizon Organic a great choice for parents looking to incorporate more DHA omega-3 into their families’ diets.

“Horizon Organic Milk with 32 mg DHA Omega-3 Single Serve Milk Boxes are a great option for families who want all of the nutritious benefits of milk, including 8g of protein, Vitamins A and D, and calcium, with the added benefit of DHA omega-3 to support healthy brain development,” said Mike Ferry, Horizon Organic president. “As the first shelf-stable milk box with 32 mg DHA omega-3, these new milk boxes are perfect for packed school lunches and busy families.”

Horizon Organic Milk with 32 mg DHA Omega-3 Single Serve Milk Boxes are available in six varieties, including chocolate 1% in 6-count, 12-count and 18-count packages and vanilla 1% in 6-count,12-count and 18-count packages.

Like all Horizon Organic Milk with 32 mg DHA Omega-3 products, these new convenient, shelf-stable single serve milk boxes are made with a sustainable, plant-based and vegetarian source of DHA omega-3. Plant-based DHA omega-3 is free from ocean-borne contaminants, does not contribute to overfishing and is a better option for those following a vegetarian diet. Additionally, the DHA omega-3 in Horizon Organic products neither contains nor is made with GMOs or with hexane. Horizon Organic sources it’s DHA, called life’sDHA®, from DSM Nutritional Products.

Horizon Organic Milk with 32 mg DHA Omega-3 Single Serve Milk Boxes are now available in supermarkets and natural food stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $7.99 for a 6-pack, $14.99 for a 12-pack and $15.99 for a club store 18-pack. More information and a store locator tool are available at www.horizondairy.com.

About Horizon Organic
Horizon believes the choice for a healthy family and a healthy planet should be an easy one. Horizon offers a delicious variety of certified organic dairy products to satisfy a broad range of consumer needs. Horizon’s commitment to a healthier planet includes offsetting the energy used to produce its products with clean, renewable wind power. Horizon works with over 600 active and transitioning family farmers across the U.S.  Founded in 1991, Horizon was a pioneer in the organic industry, the first company to supply organic milk nationally, and remains committed to providing great-tasting dairy products that make it easy for moms to provide nutritious options for their kids. For more information about Horizon’s organic dairy products, visit www.horizondairy.com.

Source: Horizon Organic