Hybrid Pouch-In-Paper Bottle Hits Milk Marketing

Straus Family Creamery, Marshall, CA, is market testing an eco-friendly,
two-part paper bottle. The new package, supplied by Ecologic Brands Inc., builds
on earlier bag-in-box formats, with an outer shell that has no plastic coatings
and made of 100-percent-recycled and recyclable paper that is compostable and
biodegradable. The inner PE pouch is made with 70-percent less plastic than
traditional milk jugs.

As of January 2010, Straus Family Creamery has been using the Ecologic bottle to
distribute one SKU at the Whole Foods’ store in Oakland, CA.
Straus’ primary
packaging is a half-gal, returnable, reusable glass bottle.

“In principal, Ecologic is a bag-in-bottle with the consumer interface being
almost identical to standard packaging,” says Julie Corbett, founder and CEO of
Ecologic Brands, Inc. “The Ecologic bottle offers enhanced functionality [over
bag-in-box formats] as it is easier to pour, hold and grip.”

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