Pudding On Smiles Announces The Launch Of Its ICO

Pudding on Smiles is known for delicious pudding made with the best ingredients and the Chef's special homemade blend. The pudding maker with the Lovely Cups of Joy has taken it a notch higher by entering the crypto space with the creation of an ICO. The company also plans to partner with retailers and outlets across the United States in the future to create an ICO that will change the pudding making industry significantly. This will subsequently allow holders to use the puddin coin to buy in partner retail stores.

It is obvious that digital currency is seemingly taking over the world, with the likes of Bitcoins and other such cryptocurrencies creating a buzz in the financial world. The emergence of cryptocurrency has led to a series of happenings, unleashing several opportunities for individuals and businesses. One of the major features and benefits of digital currencies is the safety of using them for transacting businesses and fulfilling financial obligations on the internet. In recent times, cryptocurrencies have also become a money making venture for persons that trade them.

Pudding on Smile is taking a giant stride and achieving an unprecedented milestone with the planned ICO launch. One of the major aims of creating the ICO is to raise capital to expand and enhance the company’s web presence. This will allow the company to reach a wider target audience across the globe, allowing customers from anywhere especially the U.S. to have a taste of what has been described as the best pudding in recent times.

The ICO is also targeted at raising funds for building the company’s subscription program, making it possible for more lovely cups of joy to be available to lovers of delicious pudding. The Signature Gourmet Pudding Creations will be made readily available to subscribers at regular intervals, with the eventual launch of the ICO. The company also aims to use the ICO for the addition of more brick and mortar locations and the creation of a franchise program in the future model.

Like any other formidable cryptocurrency, the company’s coin will serve as a medium of exchange for the different from Pudding on Smiles.  The coin will also be traded on several exchanges in the future, allowing holders to profit from the appreciation, while also giving them the opportunity to purchase items in partnering stores.

The Lovely Cups of Joy "The Original Gourmet Pudding" Recipe by Pudding on Smile are available 7 days a week at different locations. Lovers of delicious homemade pudding can also visit www.royalbluegrocery.com for a list of the different locations where the lovely cups of joy can be bought.

Pudding on Smiles can also be found on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

About Pudding on Smiles

Pudding on Smiles – Lovely Cups of Joy "The Original Gourmet Pudding" Recipe is an indulgent twist on the homemade Southern Banana Pudding, which has been transformed into a Gourmet treat. The company’s Puddings are made with only the best ingredients and the Chef's special homemade blend.

JUST Opened our First Location at Grapevine Mills in Grapevine TX Enter through Entry 6 and stop by our kiosk . Follow our Social Media pages to see what flavors and where we will have week after week.

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