The Secrets Of Roquefort

Nathalie, our guide, holds up a severely charred round of rye bread.

“Does anyone know how Roquefort gets its green spots?” she quizzes the troop of
tourists, shivering in the freezing cellar. They look a bit blankly at each
other. “It molds,” someone volunteers.

“Right,” responds Nathalie. “But we don’t just let it mold, we initiate the
process, by adding Penicillium roqueforti spores to the cheese. We harvest the
spores here.” She cracks open the black loaf to reveal a cavern of sea green
mold. Gasps of both awe and curious repulsion escape the crowd. The mold is not
an appetizing sight.

Photo Caption: The cellar at Roquefort Socit

Photo Credit: Mravilles

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