5 Spoke Creamery Introduces 12 Month Cave Aged Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is our cheesemaker’s opportunity to pay homage to a cheese he enjoyed in France 40 years ago – Mimolette.   Mimolette is the French version of a Dutch cheese (Edam) that was part of an export ban in the 17th century. Fast forward to the 21st century and Mimolette was once again banned, this time from the U.S. due to issues with mites. This is where 5 Spoke Creamery stepped in. Working mostly from memory (and with cheese moulds that were imported from France!) and how other cheese lovers described Mimolette, he developed a recipe that captures the butterscotch aroma, semi-hard texture and dried mango color of the paste plus some new touches from a “new world” cheesemaker.  Stop by booth 473 and see what one year of aging does to a classic.

About 5 Spoke Creamery

5 Spoke Creamery (www.5spokecreamery.com) is all abouthandmade, grass-fed, raw cow’s milk cheeses.  In addition to Harvest Moon, we hand make five cheddar styles plus one Tomme de Savoie style.  Our dairy farm is in Goshen, NY (1 hour north of NYC) and our name reflects our lifelong love of biking; how riding a bike lets you be “in the moment”, similar to making small batch cheeses. Our name also reflects our belief that like riding a bike, balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  Our cheeses are made from raw milk, which is shown to have many health benefits not available in pasteurized milk. We are committed to sustainability, which is why we are 100% solar powered. All of our cheeses are suitable for vegetarians; retail packages are certified kosher. 

Source: 5 Spoke Creamery