A Goat Cheese With A Cinderella Story

If you think of goat cheese as soft, fresh and mildly tangy, think again. In some ways goat cheeses popularity has led to a certain dumbing down, making it a delicate spread, muffling its strongly assertive potential. But a new goat cheese from Quebec, called Le Cendrillon, coated with ash (“Cendrillon” means “Cinderella” in French), demands attention. A soft-ripening cheese that loses it chalky core and takes on a satiny texture and a more pungent, mouth-filling mineral flavor as it ages, it is meant to be put on the cheese board, at room temperature, not in a salad with beets.

This cheese also beat out the competition, nearly 2,500 cheeses from 34 countries, to win the grand prize at the International Cheese Awards festival last year.

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