Afternoon Drive: East Hill Creamery Serves a Taste of Alpine Cheese

No roadside sign along the country highways of Western New York quite compares to the “SELF-SERVE CHEESE 24/7” advert found outside of Perry.

The sign at the front of East Hill Creamery on Route 39 directs visitors to one of the only cheese vending machines on the continent – a device outside the creamery’s store that doles out fromage the same way most sell Snickers and Reese’s. Row after row of East Hill’s offerings – from its Silver Lake gruyere to its “cheese crisps” that can be sprinkled over salads and soups – line the machine for anyone who has a hankering for some cheese and wants to make the drive to the heart of Wyoming County day or night.

“People make treks up here from Rochester and Buffalo just to use the vending machine,” co-owner Gary Burley said. “Who would have thought?”

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