Argania Foods To Showcase New Cauliflower Dips

Los Angeles, CA – Argania Foods, a food brand located in Los Angeles, California, is a leading retailer of Moroccan inspired almond butter and other vegan or Keto-friendly dips and spreads. Argania Foods has announced it will be launching new vegan cauliflower dip products at the Winter Fancy Food Show, an upcoming trade show in San Francisco, California, from January 19 to 21, 2020.

The new vegan cauliflower dip products to be showcased will come in four flavors that are out of this world, which include Spicy Harissa, Olive, Lemon Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper. Made in small batches with care, using the highest quality of ingredients, Argania Foods will be the first brand to market these cauliflower dips. With less than 2g of carbs per serving, these cauliflower dips offer a healthier alternative to competing products such as chickpea hummus, which has nearly 4g of carbs per serving.

To learn more about this new line of cauliflower dips, please visit Argania Foods online here.

Argania Foods is also known across the community for its Argan Almond Butter. Known as “Amlou,” a delicious Moroccan dip that has been in Moroccan kitchens for centuries, Argan Almond Butter is a premium butter with a rich, plentiful taste. Growing up in a traditional Moroccan family in Casablanca, Argania Butter’s founder Nadia realized that there was a need for the delicious, mouth-watering Argan Nut butter spread that she grew up eating, and Argania Foods has made variants of the butter popular amongst customers across the country.

All of Argania Foods’ butter creations are Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Dairy-Free, and contain the superfood Organic Argan Oil for a healthy, all-natural boost. These “liquid gold” ingredients make Argania Foods’ products rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and also packed full of antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Not only are customers benefiting their bodies by choosing Argania Foods products, but they also are indulging their taste buds with its delicious secret family recipes handed down from generation to generation.

To shop for a full range of products by Argania Foods, including its almond butter, please visit Free shipping is available on all orders of $25 or more. 

About Argania Foods

Argania Foods is a women-owned business and producer of Argania Almond Butters. Argania Foods’ Argan Nut butter comes from a family recipe, handed down for over 75 years from the Atlas region of Morocco. Argania Butter strives to provide a win-win solution that helps protect the Argan tree biosphere reserve and supports customer health and wellness. A brand passionate about caring for the people it works with and the planet it lives on, Argania Foods promotes the welfare of everyone involved.

Company Name: Argania Foods

Address: 20100 s western ave , Torance , CA 90501

Country: United States