N.J.’s D’Artagnan Sees Foie Gras Orders Soar Ahead of NYC Ban

The New York City Council recently passed legislation that would ban the sale of foie gras beginning in 2022, with New York City, one of the United States’ largest markets, joining California in its prohibition of the fattened liver of a duck or goose over animal cruelty concerns.

Ariane Daguin said that, as much as this is cause for concern for her business, it also has resulted in a boom.

“We have seen a 30% growth in foie gras sales within the five boroughs of New York City since the ban was announced, including 100 new accounts, because many of the chefs and restaurateurs, I think, want to send a big message that they are with us,” said Daguin, founder and CEO of D’Artagnan, a $130 million sustainable meats company that sells products ranging from beef to lamb, chicken to quail, pork to wild boar, and rabbit to venison, as well as gourmet food products such as caviar, truffles, mushrooms — and, of course, foie gras.

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