Effie’s Homemade Launches Gruyere and Hazelnut Varieties; New Flavors Expand the Line of the Beloved Snacking and Pairing Biscuits

Hyde Park, MA – Award-winning Effie’s Homemade announces the addition of two new varieties to its family of crispy, buttery, lightly sweet and sometimes savory biscuits. Starting June 2024, Gruyere with Black Pepper and Hazelnut flavors will be hitting gourmet food shelves in retail stores nationwide and online at EffiesHomemade.com. Like their sibling varieties, Gruyere and Hazelnut biscuits are made in small batches with all natural ingredients, giving them a unique homemade taste.

The Gruyere with Black Pepper Biscuits combine the flavors of toasty oats, nutty cheese and a black pepper finish for a satisfying snack on its own or with a cold beer, delicious with a slice of sharp cheese or a spread of caramelized onion jam. By contrast, the Hazelnut Biscuits are a little bit sweet and a little bit salty with beautifully balanced flavors of oats, toasted hazelnuts and butter. Their bold simplicity means they can lean toward the sweet side with a square of bittersweet chocolate or savory side with a crumble of bleu cheese.

Effie’s biscuits are a versatile option for snacking or pairing, even for use as an easy recipe-enhancing ingredient. In their fifth annual, “State of Snacking” 2023 global consumer trends study, Mondelez and The Harris Poll report that 7 in 10 consumers are looking for different kinds of snacks to meet different needs in their lives. This is an exciting phase where consumers are continuously prioritizing snacking, but in a more mindful and adventurous manner. With their wholesome ingredients and varieties to suit any taste and every mood, Effie’s Homemade biscuits hit the sweet (and savory) spot for today’s thoughtful and taste-conscious consumers.

“The inspiration to experiment with incorporating cheeses came after working with a local cheese distributor,” said co-owner, Joan MacIsaac. “We absolutely loved the way Gruyere’s nuttiness came forward without being overly salty, which allowed the butter and spicy black pepper to play on the taste buds.”

She continued, “Working with hazelnuts took me back to my culinary school days and the first time I really experienced that lovely intense flavor. Pairing them with Effie’s biscuit base, which features toasted oats and real butter, was a natural fit. The addition of hazelnuts makes a wonderfully balanced biscuit that we’ve been savoring with goat cheese in the office.”

Gruyere with Black Pepper and Hazelnut join eight other varieties in the Effie’s product line including Original Oatcakes, Almond, Cocoa, Corn, Ginger, Pecan, Rye, and Walnut.

About Effie’s Homemade

Effie’s Homemade was founded in 2007 by friends, Joan MacIsaac and Irene Costello. The inspiration for the company comes from Joan’s mother, Effie MacLellan, and her farmhouse family recipe for Oatcakes. Effie’s Homemade has created a line of rustic baked goods that are delicious, all-natural and wholesome. In a world of highly processed foods, Effie’s Homemade turns quality ingredients into great tasting crackers, crisps and biscuits suitable for any occasion. Effie’s Homemade products are made in the USA. For more information, visit www.effieshomemade.com.