EPIROS Feta Becomes The 1st Branded Feta In Greece

Athens — We are extremely proud to announce that 2018 ended with a huge success for Epiros in the Greek market, since the last quarter of the year found Epiros Feta in top of all branded Feta cheeses (bulk & prepacked), both in volume & value market share.

In more detail, the volume market share of Epiros Feta was 14,8%* and the value market share was at 16%*. That brings our Feta in the 1st position with a difference of 2,3pp in volume and 1,7pp in value versus the 2nd brand.

However, success goes on in 2019 as well! Epiros Feta continues to be in the 1st place of total branded Feta cheeses, for the period YTD February 2019.

Epiros is definitely looking to continue building on this momentum and success, in order to maintain and grow further its leadership position for the most award-winning feta in the world!

*IRI data 4th quarter (October – December) 2018

About EPIRUS S.A. EPIRUS S.A. is one of the largest cheese-producing companies in Greece with a state-of-the-art production and packaging unit, in the region of Epirus, in Ammotopos, Arta. Approximately 32,000 tons of sheep & goats’ milk are processed annually at the EPIRUS plant. The company’s production capacity and methods, its consistent investment in technology, Research & Development, plus an innovative spirit combined with in depth knowledge and experience of tradition guarantee the excellent quality of EPIRUS products, many of which are PDO.  EPIRUS SA products are marketed through its Subsidiaries EPIROS USA LLC, EPIROS Australia Pty Ltd. and EPIROS UK Ltd. in the respective countries and through Strategic Partners in all other markets of interest. Find more info at: http://www.epirus.gr/en/.