Glas’ Cheese Spreads Are All Natural and ‘Pure Wisconsin’

For 40 years, Gene Glas had worked in food manufacturing for a cheese spread company. When he left that job, his children were disappointed and asked how they would get good cheese spread. That inspired Gene and his wife, Jan, to start making their own in their home kitchen for themselves and their friends. “Our kids got older and said, ‘dad, you ought to do something with that,’” Gene said.

So, in 2015, Gene and Jan formed Glas All Naturals, with a line of six flavored cheese spreads: apple, jalapeño, bacon, cheddar, wine and alfredo—the latter can also be used as a sauce. The spreads are made on the property of Brightonwoods Orchard (also home to AEppelTreow Winery), where the Glas’ remodeled an old cider room into a licensed dairy. “Brightonwoods owners Bill and Judy Stone, and her sister, Paula Puntenney, are wonderful people,” Gene said. “They appreciate our dairy plant being there. It’s an additional attraction.”

The refrigerated spreads are Gene’s original recipes, all made with no artificial additives or preservatives. While cheese spreads are commonly used on crackers, Gene and Jan note that Glas All Naturals have myriad uses. “At farmers markets, which is where we sell the bulk of our cheese spreads, we tell people you can use them for wherever you use cheese. Each flavor can be used for a different purpose—on sandwiches, in scrambled eggs or in breakfast or dinner entrees,” Jan said.

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