Sustainable Packaging – Koen Pack is Looking Forward to Further Development in 2019

In 2018 Koen Pack and its customers invested heavily in the development of less environmentally harmful packaging for flowers and plants. Koen Pack has not only expanded its collections with environmental friendly products. Koen Pack has also introduced more sustainable materials such as covers made from biodegradable plastics (PLA) and sleeves and pot covers made of compostable Hydropaper.

The sector has become more aware of the use of sustainable materials. Recycling is a hot item and Koen Pack believes it is important to keep informing its customers about this. The Koen Pack project group Environment is therefore concerned with everything that has to do with separating waste, recycling, developing sustainable products, Corporate Social Responsibility, the circular economy and, last but not least, educating the customers.

At the IPM Koen Pack shows the sustainable collection and gives explanations and advice about products and materials used. With personalized information about the use of packaging for the flower and plant industry, Koen Pack will again strive to become more sustainable, together with their customers.