Eco-Products Launches New Line of Compostable Straws Made from Plant-Based Plastic

November 21, 2022 Eco-Products

Eco-Products® announced a new line of compostable straws made from plant-based plastic and as durable as conventional straws.  

KM Packaging Introduces a New Cling Film, Compostable With Industrial Versatility

September 22, 2022 KM Packaging

Cling film once revolutionised the way food was wrapped and kept fresh. And consumers in the 70s discovered a new skill as they mastered the art of unrolling the film and sealing everything from fresh produce to their favorite workplace snacks.

Fresh Prep, LLC Debuts Fair Earth Farms, a Compostable, Sustainable New Line of Organic Salad Kits and Salad Blends

July 12, 2022 Boskovich Family Farms

Boskovich Fresh Food Group’s subsidiary Fresh Prep, LLC launches its next innovative retail line, Fair Earth Farms, to the industry this month with six SKUs. Fair Earth Farms will be the first in its category to package organic salad kits and salad blends in plant-based, fully-compostable bags, printed using water-based inks that will break down into rich, organic soil (this unique fully compostable packaging is patent pending). Building a new model for the future, Fair Earth Farms maintains that the foods we eat come from an earth we must nurture in return.  

Chrysal Compostable Sachet Receives Home Compostable Certificate

May 31, 2022 Chrysal

Our compostable sachet, introduced in 2018 has recently received the DIN Home Compostable Certificate (9P0044). This means that not only is the sachet industrial compostable, but is also home compostable; taking  26 weeks to decompose in a home compost heap. With the introduction of the compostable sachet Chrysal contributes to the change within the flower industry moving from traditional plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives.

Eco-Products Introduces New Compostable Sandwich Wrap

May 17, 2022 Eco-Products

With more restaurants seeking carryout and delivery options, Eco-Products® is introducing a new compostable wrap that is ideal for swaddling sandwiches, snacks and more.