Kari-Out Launches First Ever Compostable Condiment Packet

April 4, 2024 Kari-Out

Kari-Out®, a foodservice packaging company, is pleased to introduce the industry’s first ever plant-based 100% compostable packet.

Eco-Products Introduces Compostable Paper Bags and Sandwich Wraps  

March 19, 2024 Eco-Products

Eco-Products® announced that it has added a variety of paper bags, sandwich wraps and other items to its GreenStripe® line of compostable products. 

phade Has Replaced 1 Billion Plastic Straws with a Sustainable Marine Biodegradable, Home and Industrial Compostable Alternative

March 20, 2023 WinCup, Inc.

The planet is free from 1 billion petroleum-based plastic straws thanks to being replaced by phade®, the world’s first marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable drinking straw. WinCup Inc., phade’s® manufacturer, announced today that the company has sold 1 billion phade® straws, enough to reach halfway to the moon if lined up end to end. With customers’ help, the company now aspires to “reach the moon” and beyond as it works to replace billions of traditional plastic straws.

LifeMade Compostable Straws receive “OK compost HOME” Certification

March 6, 2023 LifeMade Products LLC

LifeMade Products LLC (LifeMade), an operating company of Jadex Inc., is proud to announce that the company’s LifeMade® Compostable Straws have received OK compost HOME certification from TÜV Austria. This achievement is in addition to the product’s BPI Commercially Compostable certification previously received.

CPMA Plastic Packaging Working Group Releases PLU Compostability Guidance

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) announced today the latest efforts by the fresh fruits and vegetable industry in taking a proactive approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Canadian food supply. Recognizing increasing concern regarding the environmental impact of PLU stickers, CPMA’s Plastic Packaging Working Group released a guidance document for the industry entitled Rational and Guidance for Migrating to Certified Industrial Compostable PLU Stickers.