Kevin’s Natural Foods Launches the First Paleo-Certified, Heat-and-Eat Pasta Meal Kits

Kevin’s Natural Foods, makers of deliciously chef-crafted heat-and-eat meals highlighting sous-vide meats and better-for-you ingredients — announces the launch of the first paleo-certified cauliflower pasta meal kits. In addition to its direct-to-consumer offerings, the launch will feature three new flavors available at Target and Sprouts bringing its total retail footprint to 20,000 stores nationwide.

“Pasta night is back,” says co-founder and President Kevin McCray. “Many people that have given up gluten or grains altogether miss sitting down to a hearty plate of pasta. So, we created a clean version of these family favorite comfort foods. I’m so excited to debut our new pasta entrées. We use cauliflower-based noodles, our fork-tender proteins, and our signature Paleo-certified sauces for a complete meal that tastes just like my Italian mother-in-law’s favorite family recipe.”

The new online cauliflower pasta entree flavors include:

  • Chicken Penne Alla Vodka: “Zesty pasta entrée made with tender strips of chicken breast, cauliflower penne pasta, and a creamy tomato vodka sauce.” Available in 12 oz and 26 oz sizes
  • Chicken Pasta Primavera: “Refreshing pasta entrée made with tender strips of chicken breast, cauliflower penne pasta, vegetables, and a tomato basil sauce.” Available in 12 oz and 26 oz sizes
  • Lemon Garlic Chicken Penne: “Bright pasta entrée made with tender strips of chicken breast, cauliflower penne pasta, and a vibrant lemon garlic sauce.” Available in 12oz and 26 oz sizes
  • Beef Stroganoff: “Tender strips of grass-fed beef and cauliflower pasta in a paleo-friendly Stroganoff sauce made with mushrooms, beef broth, and coconut milk.” Available in the 26 oz size only
  • Beef Bolognese: “Hearty pasta entrée made with grass-fed beef, cauliflower pasta, and an unforgettable Italian-style tomato sauce.” Available in 12 oz and 26 oz sizes

Starting in late March Target will feature three flavors; Chicken Penne Alla Vodka, Lemon Garlic Chicken Penne, and Beef Stroganoff in the 26 oz size for $12.99.

Sprouts will continue to spotlight three flavors that are available now which include Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Pasta Primavera and Chicken Penne Alla Vodka in the 26 oz size for $15.99.

The single-serve 12 oz kits will also be available online at on Thursday, March 23 for $10.00.

About Kevin’s Natural Foods

Kevin’s Natural Foods, a Certified B Corp, is a line of healthy entrées, sides, and sauces on a mission to make  clean eating taste not only delicious but also seamlessly fit into any lifestyle. Co-founded by Kevin McCray, who battled a severe auto-immune disorder for years and cured his condition through clean eating — specifically the Paleo diet.Kevin’s Natural Foods was born from his desire to help other people eat clean. Kevin’s flavorful, sous-vide entrées and signature Paleo, Keto, and Gluten-Free certified sauces allow home chefs to ‘Hack Healthy’ by whipping up delicious Michelin-style meals in just five minutes. With restaurant-quality ingredients and recipes, Kevin’s products ring in at an approachable price point and are available online, on the shelves of coveted grocery retailers like Whole Foods and Costco, and through Amazon and Thrive Market. With strict nutritious standards, entrees and sauces contain zero cane sugar, artificial ingredients, grains, soy, antibiotics or hormones. A true market disruptor, Kevin’s is the first clean refrigerated entrée brand, and challenges the notion that proper nutrition can’t be as delicious as it is healthy.