Parnassia Food Has Expanded The Offering Of Mezzini

Parnassia Food, Inc. has expanded the offering of Mezzini in the North East from 17 to 27 products by introducing a line of 10 olive items at WholeFoods in New York, New Jersey and Western Connecticut.

The Mezzini olive items are distributed by Associated Buyers, which distributes all 27 Mezzini products for Parnassia Food from New York to Maine. The Mezzini olive items are conveniently packed in 6.4 OZ glass jars and offer enough olive pleasure for appetizer, tapas, salad or pasta. The Mezzini olives are competitively priced and will be sold at WholeFoods for $3.99, except for Mezzini Kalamata olives stuffed with cherry pepper and Mezzini Green olives stuffed with lemon, which will retail for $4.49.

The following 10 new Mezzini olive items are now available at WholeFoods in New York, New Jersey and Western Connecticut:

Mezzini Olives 6.4 OZ $3.99

  • Mezzini Olive Mediterranean mix
  • Mezzini Olive Green Garlic
  • Mezzini Olive Salad Mix
  • Mezzini Olive Nicoise
  • Mezzini Olive Kalamata Whole
  • Mezzini Olive Gemlick
  • Mezzini Olive Pitted oil cured
  • Mezzini Olive Kalamata hot pitted

Mezzini Olives 6.4 OZ $4.49

  • Mezzini Olive Kalamata Cherry Pepper
  • Mezzini Olive Green Lemon

The ambient Mezzini well balanced product line offers a complete range of related Mediterranean products: antipasti, olives, tapenade, pesto, bruschetta, aïoli and harissa. The products are packed in glass jars in three different sizes, depending on convenience and serving size. Premium Mediterranean products with an excellent price point and an unique "no-label-look" label!

Mezzini products are available at WholeFoods North East and North Atlantic regions and are distributed by Associated Buyers. In Florida and the South Mezzini products are distributed by Global Specialty Foods. Renaissance Specialty Foods is distributing

Mezzini products to the WholeFoods stores in Northern California. Avenue Gourmet will distribute Mezzini products to the WholeFoods stores in the Mid-Atlantic region starting May 1st. The Mid-Atlantic region includes Kentucky, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Parnassia Food, Inc. offers a broad range of premium Mediterranean products for retail, foodservice and industry. Products are marketed under our Mezzini brand; on special request Private Label is possible. Mezzini products are: tasty, premium, high quality and the eye for detail on packaging is key!

For more information, please contact:

Alfons van Heerwaarden, President, Parnassia Food, Inc.
+1 201 633 8740

Source: Parnassia Food, Inc.