Passport Food Group Purchases Royal Angelus Macaroni Company

Los Angeles, CA — Passport Food Group, Inc. announces its acquisition of Royal Angelus Macaroni Company. This purchase of America's second oldest manufacturer of dry pasta further diversifies Passport's influence into new markets, while retaining the company's focus on flour-based products. Royal Angelus, based in Chino, California, will complement Passport's other subsidiary, Wing Hing Foods, a manufacturer of authentic Asian noodle and wrap products for restaurants, food companies and consumers nationwide. Both brands enjoy considerable praise, tracing their respective origins to families with long roots in the food industry in general and California in particular.

"Royal Angelus Macaroni Company has a growing network of relationships with restaurants, retailers and food businesses throughout the United States. The company has global contacts but is also a strong supporter of the local economy, buying wheat grown and milled primarily in California. This established presence in an important marketplace, enhanced by proprietary dies and recipes, distinguishes Royal Angelus as one of only a few manufacturers of 100 percent organic dry pasta. This advantage is part of the brand's series of successes, including: whole grain pasta, specialty flours, portion control lasagna noodles and manicotti shells (for the heat-and-serve market), as well as capabilities for other consumer goods like mac 'n' cheese and pasta with sauce mixes," says Dave Abrams, President and CEO of Passport Food Group, Inc., pictured right.

This acquisition also allows Royal Angelus and Wing Hing to do some "cross breeding" between the two companies. "Royal Angelus can make a Chinese-style egg noodle in our spaghetti line for consumers who want pasta with a more exotic flair. Both brands are part of a broader effort to 'Bring the World to Your Plate,' combining tradition with delicious taste and the safety of U.S. manufacturing and U.S. ingredients. These benefits are a further testament to the success of this partnership," states Abrams.

Source: Passport Food