Swedish Innovation, LightFry, Debuts at the Restaurants Canada Show to Serve Up Fat-Free Frying that Cools Food Inflation & Heats Up Consumer Sales

TORONTO – LightFry officially debuts exclusively through TFI Canada at the Restaurants Canada Show today in Toronto to make best-in-class air frying technology, designed to exceed industry expectations, available to the Canadian foodservice sector for the first time.

“Within the next two years, we expect LightFry will completely transform the way consumers perceive eating at their favourite restaurant chains in Canada,” said Michael Cheung, Head of Sales & Marketing, TFI Canada. “Their favourite deep fried guilty pleasures, like breaded chicken sandwiches, fries, and battered fish will soon be crispier, more flavourful, and served with half the calories.”

LightFry is quickly picking up steam across European restaurant chains because of its ability to ‘”fry” food with air but with the same great flavour and crispness as a deep fryer. LightFry also provides a cleaner taste with up to 70 percent fewer calories. In fact, it is due to an increased consumer demand of fast food and snacks prepared using healthy modes of preparation, that the commercial air fryer market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2023-2033.

Up until now, major restaurant chains in Canada haven’t been offering air-fried menu items. LightFry aims to change that as it doesn’t require a single drop of oil and it cooks large batches of food quickly and evenly. LightFry also extends the time food holds texture longer than deep-fried products.LightFry in Maple Leaf Foods Test Kitchen

“We’re always focused on staying ahead of consumer demands to help our clients. We’re seeing how well LightFry cooks some of our most popular foodservice products such as breaded wings and popcorn chicken and the results are amazing. Everything tastes so good and holds up exceptionally well,” said Chef James Keppy, National Culinary Manager, Maple Leaf Foods.Sustainable choice and major cost savings

LightFry helps foodservice operators fight skyrocketing cooking oil costs that have increased by nearly 200 percent in the last two years. It also reduces energy costs as it requires 50 percent less energy than deep frying in oil because it preserves the cooking temperature, thus reducing wasted energy and eliminating recovery times. Labour savings are also generated with LightFry’s automatic wash system.

“LightFry gives operators an edge because it cuts costs and calories at a time when they’re struggling with inflation and looking for innovative ways to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers striving to be more health conscious,” Cheung added.Comfort food classics to gourmet favourites

LightFry uses steam, hot air and motion. Food is first cooked in steam before going through a crisping phase. Popular food chain menu items such as fries, chicken nuggets and wings, and battered fish are a natural fit for LightFry. However, gourmet favourites like blistered peppers, falafels, cauliflower, and crispy brussel sprouts also taste delicious when prepared in LightFry.

LightFry will be at the Restaurants Canada Show at Toronto’s Enercare Centre April 10-12, 2023 at booth #2727. LightFry is exclusively available in Canada through TFI Canada, the largest Canadian supplier of the world’s best specialty foodservice equipment and programs.

About TFI Canada

Over the past 60 years, TFI Canada has built an enviable reputation as Canada’s preeminent leader in the foodservice industry, dedicated to helping companies refine and reinvent menus with sought-after, highly profitable solutions. TFI was founded in Brampton, and has become the largest Canadian supplier of the world’s best specialty foodservice equipment and programs. TFI serves leading quick-service brands including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Tim Horton’s, as well as healthcare, institutional and mid-sized fast-casual and fine dining restaurants across the country. TFI also supplies nearly 95% of convenience store chains, including 7-Eleven.

About LightFry

LightFry was founded in Sweden in 2006 with a mission to prove to the world that cooking in oil is obsolete. LightFry is a revolutionary concept for deep-frying with hot air instead of traditional oil, offering many advantages: it’s much healthier cooking process, safer for foodservice staff, cost-saving and sustainable – all to create an impressive end result that even tastes better than traditional frying. LightFry is the best in class choice for air frying technology.