The Cheese Aisle is in its Retro Era

With the unfortunate resurgence of early 00’s low-rise jeans, I know I can’t be the only one to notice another staple is very much in its retro era: cheese. Yes, you read correctly. Much like crop-tops, platform shoes, and flare jeans, cheese, of all things, is playing with the trends of the 90’s all the way back to the ‘30s — and having fun, clearly. 

Scanning the aisles of your local grocery store (or TikTok or your favorite bar’s cocktail menu), you’ll find a veritable Eras Tour of cheeses on display: kitschy baked bries harkening to brassy, neon 80’s Bunco night; Depression-era limburger cheese spread upon crusty brown bread; or a 70’s-style fondue pot of Gruyère, complete with cubed bread and sliced apples (shag carpet not included). 

Do we even need to mention how Lunchables is making a billion dollar comeback in school cafeterias? Yes, yes we do.

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