Mary’s Gone Crackers Announces Significant Expansion of Its Retail Footprint in 2023

RENO, Nev. — Mary’s Gone Crackers, a pioneering brand dedicated to creating better-for-you food snacks, is excited to announce a significant expansion of its retail footprint in 2023. The company, well-known for its commitment to nourishing both the body and mind while fostering a healthier planet, has continued to make waves in the health-conscious food industry as it became more available nationwide over the past year.

Michael Finete, who joined Mary’s Gone Crackers as CEO earlier this year, explained, “Our products are crafted with care from consciously and sustainably sourced ingredients. We take pride in the fact that our crackers are minimally processed, retaining the wholesome goodness that nature intended. It’s a testament to our dedication to offering consumers the very best, and we are excited to see that the demand for Mary’s better-for-you snacks continues to grow.”

From charcuterie boards to the perfect dip vehicle, Mary’s Gone Crackers offers options for a variety of dining occasions while also catering to diverse dietary needs and palates. The leading organic, gluten-free and non-GMO cracker brand delivers health-conscious ingredients and addictive flavors that have made it a top choice, especially for entertaining as the holiday season approaches.

And now, shoppers can find Mary’s Gone Crackers in even more locations with the extended range of offerings at the following grocery stores:

  • Publix:
    • Real Thin – Sea Salt
    • Cheezee – Plant-Based Cheddar
  • Albertson’s and HEB:
    • Super Seed – Everything flavor
  • The Fresh Market (in 160 stores):
    • Cheezee – Plant-Based Cheddar
  • Safeway (Mid Atlantic region):
    • Kookies – Honey (in 141 stores)
    • Kookies – Cinnamon (in 121 stores)
    • Kookies – Chocolate (in 42 stores)

Finete continued, “The retail partnerships we forged this year are reflective of people’s desire to purchase items that are not only delicious and nutritious, but are also sustainably made. As we continue to innovate and craft new products, we are inspired by the support we receive to make snacks that nourish both body and mind while contributing to a healthier planet.”

About Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers has grown to be one of the largest organic and gluten-free cracker companies in the United States since opening in 2004. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, the company crafts high-quality snacks that are certified organic, Kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO. Even with its exceptional growth, the organization has remained committed to using mostly plant-based ingredients that cater to a variety of dietary needs and health-conscious consumers. Their products can be found across the United States and Canada, at both specialty and mainstream grocery stores.

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