Mayesh Blue Chrysanthemums

This fall a new line of Pompoms will be available at Mayesh. They come from the Japanese breeder, Suntory, and they mark a milestone in the rich history of the breeding of Chrysanthemums, which has been done for over a thousand years. Never before has there been a blue chrysanthemum, and the visual effect is stunning.

This line of Pompoms is called “Blue Ocean”, and the five introductions are all the cushion-type with excellent vase life and attractive foliage. The colors range from a deep Amethyst to a powdery Wedgwood blue and are truly remarkable. The color will vary depending on the light source, but in daylight or under natural spectrum lighting, most of them are definitely blue.

The names are derived from precious stones, but some of the choices are odd. The deep purple variety is called “Coral”, whereas Amethyst would have been a more succinct choice. And another Twilight-Blue variety is called “Jade”, not a name naturally associated with blue. This is a minor criticism but for ordering purposes this detail could cause confusion.

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