Deliflor Chrysanten Presents a New Member of the PIP Family: PIP SUNSET

The family of PIP chrysanthemums is being extended with a beautiful new colour: PIP SUNSET! A fresh yellow/orange colour with a contrasting red centre. A flower with a very distinctive appearance. The PIP family has proven to be a high quality flower that has a long vaselife. PIP Sunset has the same quality assets as the other PIP varieties!

PIP Sunset will be supplied by Voort Chrysanten, who also grows PIP, PIP Pretty, PIP Slamon and PIP Purple. A beautiful assortment with various colour tones matching each spring bouquet.

Pip Sunset will be supplied with 5000 stems per week at Royal FloraHolland Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. VBN code: 127529

Download pictures of PIP Sunset here or look at this new variety in 3D.