Three Soul-Warming Recipes With European PDO Cheeses to Cook This Fall

MONTRÉAL – As the temperature drops and the days get darker, who doesn’t want warm and comforting plates of goodness?  Cheese lovers, get ready for a cozy night at home with these three recipes with Montasio, Asiago Stagionato, and Grana Padano European PDO cheeses.

Mac and cheese, an all-time favourite

When sweater weather comes around, there is nothing like pasta to warm you up from inside out. What’s more satisfying than a bowl of creamy mac & cheese? This comfort food classic with Montasio PDO is a guaranteed pleasure for your taste buds. Served with fresh arugula salad or with a side of roasted broccoli, it makes for the perfect fall meal with a healthy touch.

Montasio PDO is a traditional European cheese that comes from the Friuli and Veneto valleys in Italy. Its flavour and texture have been enchanting cheese lovers for more than 800 years.

Whether fresh, semi-matured, or matured, Montasio PDO will take your Mac & Cheese to the next level. After all, cold weather is pasta weather!

The ultimate cheese sandwich

Nothing says cozy like a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly autumn day. Transform this lunch staple into a culinary masterpiece with Asiago Stagionato PDO! This semi-fat hard cheese is much appreciated for its uniqueness and distinctive flavour. Whether it is mild or sharp, it is a real delight!

Here’s a tip to make your sandwich even more delicious: Asiago PDO cheese tastes even better when combined with sweet & sour ingredients. Think chutneys, jams, fresh fruits and tangy sourdough bread to complete this flavoursome melted cheese sandwich. And, as we are spending more time at home, why not take up a challenge and bake your own loaf?  

There’s no doubt that a grilled cheese sandwich with Asiago Stagionato PDO will bring you warmth, as well as a little taste of Europe.  

Cheese puffs, your new bite-size addiction

Are you looking for an exciting new recipe? Made with grated Grana Padano PDO aged for 16 months, nutmeg cheese puffs will become your favourite go-to snack or side along the main.  This recipe uses everyday ingredients and practically makes itself.

Straight from the Po Valley region in Northern Italy, Grana Padano PDO has become a worldwide European delicacy. With its fragrant aromas and persistent flavour, cheese lovers won’t be able to get enough of it!

While we’re there, why not make a soup to accompany the cheese puffs? If you have a butternut squash laying around in your kitchen, a homemade and well-seasoned autumn soup is an excellent pairing.

Find the cheese puffs recipe here and make sure to add it to your comfort food repertoire.

Warm meals with authentic and flavoursome cheese are the best to cozy up with when at home. Bring Europe to your kitchen with these PDO cheeses that truly embody the Italian producers’ know-how, passed down from generation to generation. Pots at the ready, it’s time to get cooking with European cheese!

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