Whole Foods Made a “Royal Addition Cheese” in Honor of Impending Royal Birth

While we don’t know exactly when the Royal Baby will be born—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced via the Palace they’d be keeping birth plans private—we do know the baby is due sometime this spring. So now that it’s April, it’s officially time to celebrate, right? According to the Whole Foods‘ cheese aisle, yes.

The grocery store launched a limited-edition cheddar called “Royal Addition” in honor of Harry and Meghan’s future bb. In case you’re doubting its royal ties, know that it was made in Southwest England and is officially dubbed a Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese. Whole Foods describes it as tangy, creamy, and a little sweet with notes of burnt caramel. Further committing to the theme, the cheese uses tropical fruit pulp to match Prince Harry’s hair.

You can find Royal Addition at Whole Foods stores nationwide, excluding the Rocky Mountain region, for a limited time. Based on the region you’re shopping in, it costs between $9.99 and $12.99, so grab yourself some cheap crackers and go to town. Or maybe buy some bread and have a royal baby grilled cheese?

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