Winners in 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest

The 2010 World Cheese Championship Cheese Contest concluded Thursday with the crowning of the world champion in Madison, Wis. Here’s a list of the top three finishers, along with the winning cheese producer in each of the 79 categories judged. The list includes the state or country of origin.

World Champion

Gruyere, made by Cedric Fragniere, Emmi Kase, Kirchberg, Switzerland

First runner up

Andeerer Traum, a smear-ripened hard cheese made by Andeer Sennerei for a self-named company in Andeer, Switzerland

Second runner up

Gmundner Berg Premium, in the Open Class Semisoft Cheese category by Alois Pesendorfer for Gmundner Molkerei in Gmunden, Austria

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