Asocolflores Postpones Proflora XVI

Bogotá, Colombia –  “Proflora is an event that gathers prominent producers, exporters, buyers, sellers, suppliers, and service providers of the flower industry from all over the world. It is one of the best international showcases of Colombia and involves a huge commitment. Therefore, and in view of the global health uncertainty conditions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we consider that in Proflora we must give priority to people´s safety. Thus, we have postponed the event”, stated Augusto Solano, President of Asocolflores.

Proflora is the main event of the floriculture sector in Colombia, and one of great importance around the world. It is a business venue with the participation of a great number of countries and 99% of the international buyers who visit Proflora consider it is the best place to make successful business contacts.

Solano adds: “We have to answer to the worldwide expectations that we generate; we have to be able to guarantee air transportation for our visitors from all over the world, maintain the high quality of the exhibition and the customary high attendance rates of Proflora. The above is not possible at this point in time, so it is better to postpone the event and to do it once we have a favorable scenario. Of course, we will publish the new date ahead of time”.

innovates, marks the trend, breaks patterns, and combines avant-garde elements, placing itself in the forefront of the flower market worldwide.    Proflora´s trademark is portrayed in thousands of buyers, sellers, and people linked in one way or another to the flower industry arriving from countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Soudi Arabia, Japan, and Korea, amongst others.