Benchmark Growers’ Intuition Roses Glitter At Sex And The City 2 Premiere

BOGOTA, Colombia and HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Pink Intuition™ roses glittered at the world premiere of Sex and the City 2 staring Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast of the hit HBO series Sex and the City.

The event which was held at Radio City Music Hall with the ultra exclusive after party taking place at the famed Lincoln Center was the event of the Season and drew a guest list including Liza Minnelli, Donald Trump, Howard Stern and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The event was called the premiere of the summer and hundreds of press and media covered the gala.

The power of the Intuition rose was on display as over 20,000 intuition roses were placed throughout The Lincoln Center Sex and the City After Party. Famed floral designer Oscar Mora, whose creations have graced the original Sex and the City premieres, first at the MOMA and lately at the Lincoln Center, who also brings beauty and freshness into New York celebrities homes, and is a regular guest on the Martha Stewart Show.

Oscar commented on the Intuition roses: "These roses were a perfect match for this event, they are full of originality and sexiness, they definitely stood out in every one of my favorite floral pieces"

The theme of the event created by 15/40 productions was a ultra-chic middle eastern night, that was a throwback to CASABLANCA- with thousands of rose petals and Intuition roses placed throughout the event making it the floral gala of the year.

Juan Vega, marketing for Benchmark Growers, stated: "This event was a perfect fit for our Intuition line as Sex and the City highlights all of the same elements as the rose, strength, independence and beauty. Mixing with top fashion designers and all the glitter of the Sex and the City brand was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase this unique rose.

Benchmark Growers™ has initiated a program aimed at celebrating the beauty of the Intuition line of roses by supporting floral decoration at some of the highest profile events in Hollywood, such as:

•Valentines Day premiere, Los Angeles
•Remember Me premiere, New York
•Hurt Locker Academy Awards gala, Los Angeles

The Intuition rose has gained such momentum it was featured on the CBS EARLY SHOW, and created a buzz as host Dave Price featured the intuition rose throughout the nationally broadcast show. Reaching millions of Americans with the intuition rose was our goal, and we certainly did that, stated Mr. Vega

To view the Intuition rose on CBS please click here

The program is directed by country branding expert Richard Griffiths (Ethical Trade) who stated "Benchmark Growers™ is known as one of the highest quality floral brands available on the market, the Intuition rose is a wonderful example of a beautiful Colombian rose grown under the highest levels of social and environmental practices. We are proud to have this rose as the 'STAR' of such an important Hollywood event and look forward to the relationship with Hollywood and Benchmark Growers™ to bloom.

Pink Intuition™, is a specialty rose grown exclusively by Benchmark Growers™ in Colombia, South America. The rose, a hallmark variety of the group, is distinctive due to its size, coloring, and exclusivity. A rose grown under the most advanced and socially responsible conditions in the Bogota Savannah region was the perfect choice to honor Sex and the City 2

Herbert Jordan, CEO of Queens Flowers stated, "Sex and the City 2 Premiere is the event of the season and we feel that this partnership allows us to showcase our product to the brightest and the best. The series highlights strong independent women, not unlike the many thousands of mothers we employee to care for and grow our roses."

Look for upcoming events in Hollywood with the Intuition line of roses


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