Danziger Brings Physical Experience To The 2018 Flower Trials

Danizger is bringing the visitor experience to the next level at the 2018 Flower Trials event. The company is incorporating a “Phygital Experience” into their display by creating a web-app. With this digital version of the display, visitors can enjoy extensive information with the tap of a finger, while at the same time, exploring Danziger’s plants in real life.

“Our booth experience is inspired by the new age of consumer retail,” says Liat Kaplan, Danziger Global Marketing Manager. “Today all of us expect to have the best value, achieved by a smart combination of the physical experience (i.e. what you see and hear on site) and the added value, such as inspiration, information and call to action, presented via digital platforms. We think our Flower Trials visitors deserve nothing less than that at the show.”

The Danziger display features the company’s star products such as the AMORE™ Petunia and the TIMELESS™ Bidens collection, alongside a new product series, LIA™ Calibrachoa. LIA is an early series with a controlled habit and large, color-saturated blooms. Danziger’s vast and rich assortment of bedding plants, annuals and perennials also take center stage in the display.

The web-app, designed as an interactive map of the display, connects the specific area of the booth, such as “highlight section” or “Retail Inspirations” with more information available on DanzigerOnline.com. The app is available in English as well as Chinese. It will also be on available on the web, providing a digital experience for those who did not physically visit the display at Flower Trials. (Link to the web-apphttp://wx.danziger.cn/en/)

“Imagine more is our tag line, but it is more than that. It’s our day-to-day goal,” adds Kaplan. “We strive to bring added value for our customers, in every aspect, from breeding to professional service, and to our exhibition experience.”

Danziger will be located at Royal Van-Zanten site.

About Danziger

Founded in the 1950s, Danziger is one of the world’s most innovative floriculture companies; creating extraordinary flower varieties that help customers all along the supply chain achieve extraordinary success.

Powered by one of the flower industry’s largest R&D departments, and with cutting-edge propagation facilities and nurseries in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia, Danziger supplies elite quality vegetative material to around 1000 customers in over 60 countries.

Danziger manages hundreds of varieties under Plant Breeders’ Rights. Through collaborative partnerships with growers, Danziger continuously explores new ways to capture the market’s imagination, while staying true to its roots as a family business.

Source: Danziger