Designstar Offers the Next Step in Organic Marketing

Within the context of the theme Green Fits All, Plantarium participant Designstar presents sustainable labels, pot covers and complete Euro- or CC-trolleys decorations, made of PLM BIO. PLM BIO is an fully biodegradable material and is specially developed for the floriculture sector. This product combines unique properties with an attractive price. The next step towards a more sustainable market is easy to take with PLM BIO and the floriculture sector gets greener: Green Fits All.

PLM BIO is a truly Dutch product that is FSC certified and also meets the NEN 13432 standard. The special composition of this material makes it moisture-resistant and suitable for many applications.

Responsible business
At this moment, when there is a lot of discussion about the climate agreement, people quickly focus on the green sector. Farmers and horticulturists are seen as major polluters and some political parties would rather see us go than come. But compared to other sectors, the agriculture and horticulture are not doing so badly. The CO2 reduction is already huge and it looks like the climate targets for our sector can be achieved with ease.

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