Seven Awards For Novelties Managed by Plantipp

IJsselstein – The Plantarium|GROEN-Direkt trade fair has come to an end with impressive results. Out of the 17 novelties managed by Plantipp, no less than seven will be bringing home bronze and silver medals.

Pittosporum tenuifolium Bannow Bay (‘Breebay’PBR) and Coreopsis grandiflora Solar Moon (‘MVNC1906’PBR) will bring home the Silver medal. Coreopsis grandiflora Solar Jewel (‘MVNC1902’PBR), Rosa Everglow Ruby (‘Geus1713’PBR), Rubus Raspberry Tower, Lophomyrthys ralphii Golden Dragon (‘Luc2016’PBR) and Philotheca Gold Touch are awarded a Bronze medal.

Florall Gold for Coconut Crystal
As if that’s not enough, Sempervivum Coconut Crystal (‘Belsemmag1’PBR) was awarded with the Golden Florall award. De jury thought of it as a variety with a beautiful look & feel. A climate-proof variety, tolerant to both drought and heat, as well as hardy.