Fleuroselect Launches Revised Visual Identity

Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plant industry, is proud to launch a revised visual identity. Based on a strong foundation, the new logo aims to visualise current and future objectives, while paying tribute to 52 years of success within the organisation. Alongside the new logo, a core component of the brand is the new slogan which was creatively coined by a Board Member. 

Democratically chosen by the Board, the logo and slogan underline Fleuroselect’s values. They bring to life the organisation’s unique international positioning in the core of the pot and bedding plant world for breeders, producers and distributors. Ann Jennen, Secretary General at Fleuroselect, is pleased with the outcome, “Our new visual identity symbolises the notion that breeding is one of the driving forces of our industry. The logo uses our trusted colour palette and brings together two elements that are at the very core of our organisation: plants and our international scope. The slogan underlines that Fleuroselect members play an essential role in the pot and bedding industry.”

Throughout the development phase, Media Concept – the agency that conceptualised and created the new visual identity – was mindful of the importance of honouring the heritage of the existing logo, while introducing a modern approach aligned with the organisational goals. Robert Wacker, Managing Director at Media Concept, comments, “As an Extraordinary Member of Fleuroselect, we were delighted to have the opportunity of designing the new Fleuroselect logo. It is deeply connected to the roots of this unique organisation and clearly depicts the Fleuroselect commitment of being an international partner to the entire breeding world, now and in the future.”

Along with the logo, the Gold Medal and Approved Novelty brand logos have also been updated to reflect the new logo. 

Fleuroselect continues to focus all efforts around being an organisation by the members, for the members. Together, they are the heartbeat of the flowering world.