Eco Fresh Bouquet Sustainable Foam Free Transport and Design Hydration, Eco-Wraps

Since 2014, Eco-Wraps™, patented floral hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap® have been touted as an unequivocal “Game Changer” in the Floral Industry. Immeasurably advancing how bouquets & flower installations are designed and delivered, all foam free!

There had to be a better way… As the former owner of NYC Farm Chic Flowers, Debbie Demarse-Dunleavy delivered beautiful American grown flower bouquets throughout NYC. At the time a foam material was a popular way to hydrate flower stems for bouquets.

It didn’t seem right, extensive effort in procuring American grown flowers only to slap a piece of non-biodgradable, toxic foam on the stems? This inspired a year of extensive research and testing in search for an ecologically sound solution. Result, the invention of 100% plant-based sponge, compostable, solid performing, patented, stem hydrating Eco-Wrap.

Terra Bella Flowers sources locally, sustainably, and organically grown flowers whenever possible sold at Nordstrom’s Flagship Store, Seattle WA. Last year Valentine’s Day, “131 Wrapped bouquets out the door and every one of them had an Eco Fresh Bouquet, Eco-Wrap. And all very much appreciated. Thank you!” Melissa Feveyear

Nationwide online flower service, UrbanStems, “We at UrbanStems HATED using foam for our stem hydration and our customers did not like receiving them either. Eco Fresh Bouquet Wraps aligned with our brand and with what our customers have come to expect from us and work amazingly to keep our flowers drinking while traveling.” Jereme Holiman

For the past 6 years, thousands of users in 16 countries, enjoy the benefits of no floral foam bouquet and flower installation along with gratifying knowledge they are not contributing to earths pollution. Eco-Wraps replace brick foam and water tubes in applications such as arbors, flower walls, aerials, crescents, chuppahs, tablescapes, compotes, trees, staircases, crescents, doorways, wreaths, garland…

Eco Fresh Bouquet, Eco-Wrap product information and order- Delivering worldwide.

Looking to the industry’s future, sustainable floristry and increased “green initiatives” are crucial to be the new norm. To learn more about Sustainable Floristry and No Floral Foam Design Workshops. www.SustainableFloristry.Org/. #NoFloralFoam